1. What is a Play Computer?

Play Compute is a microcontroller that can help you create all those dream projects that you have always wanted to make. 

It has WiFi, Bluetooth, Voice, Ai and IoT capabilities and different sensors like motion, colour etc. It can also be coupled along with a huge variety of accessories which in turn, can make your projects smarter (and cooler). 

Moreover, Comes with a companion app Plode App which makes it very easy to use.

The Play Computer, the programmable microcontroller. Oh, and there’s also a C-type USB cable in it so that you can connect me to your computer.

And some super cool skins to add over the Play Computer, adding some more fun to the Play and Learn process.

Play Computer, coupled with STEM+ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) methodology, helps children to understand the practical applications of Robotics, Ai, IoT and coding to solve real-world problems.

Play computer can be powered by connecting it to a standard +5v USB power supply from either a Mobile charger or a Laptop / Desktop computer

Yes. Play computer also allows you to connect your own piece of electronics by using any of the plug-n-play ports or Microbit connectors. Plug-n-play ports come with a set of general-purpose I/O pins for you to connect your own custom electronics. You can then create custom commands within the Plode App to identify and use your customized piece of electronics! Please note the maximum voltage that can be interfaced to any GPIO is +3.3v

Does my computer need to be constantly connected?
Play Computer talks to your computer over USB & for the app through Bluetooth. Once a program is sent to Play Computer, it runs without requiring a connection to your computer / app ( if powered using a battery / external power supply).

Yes. Play computer runs on Embedded scripting & is programmed using the visual programming interface of Plode App. You can use any other software like Arduino & ESP-IDF to program the Play computer.

Note, programming with other software, will erase the functionality that is compatible with Plode App.

The Play computer uses Bluetooth with an effective range of 15 to 25 feet.

Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows 10 64-bit

 To reset the Play computer, you can just power off & turn on the device.

To erase the program currently running on the play computer, you can press the erase button on the play computer for more than 3 seconds.

There is a software that is available for Windows desktop / laptop, using which the firmware can be easily updated to the latest firmware. The software can be found at https://playcomputer.org/firmwareupdate/

This issue can happen, in case the Play Computer driver software is not correctly installed. You can re-install the Windows driver software using the Plode App at the “Scan for devices” screen, at the top left. After installing the software, kindly unplug & re-plug the Play computer once to enable the detection

We assure and guarantee that the software provided by us is virus & malware free. Incase the anti-virus software blocks the driver, kindly manually unblock it at the anti virus software, to enable the driver install

The issue can arise if the internal battery’s charge is over or the battery has been connected with wrong polarities. For a low charger, kindly charge the play computer internal battery for about an hour, then resume to use it. For the wrong polarities, kindly check the polarities marked at the board & accordingly insert the plug of the battery to the play computer.

Yes,  Once you have bought a Play computer, it’s yours to do with as you wish.

Yes, all documentation for the hardware features, internal configuration is available online at downloads.playcomputer.org

For Play Computer’s with a built-in battery, there is an ON/ OFF switch. Rather, there is a hibernation mode, where using Touch pads the user can put the play computer to hibernate or wake up.


What's Inside

With our power packed features, play computer is all you need to execute any fun project that comes to your mind.

Kids' playful friend for life to create robotics for kids project

The Plode App

A first of its kind coding platform engineered for kids encompassing best practices to simplify the making experience.

Plode app for Play Computer to build projects in robotics for kids

Learn While Having Fun.
Pre Own Your Play Computer

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