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Get to know your Play Computer by diving into 30+ fun activities and learn exciting concepts; all while keeping your hands and mind engaged!

Let’s dive in, shall we?

"Hey There!

Are you ready to start doing projects with me? It’s going to be a long, playful journey! So buckle up and dive in!

1. Power me ON

Let’s take the first step in mastering me by turning me on and off.

2. Make me smile

I love to smile! You can make me do so by creating patterns on the smile LEDs.

3. Make me talk

I can tell you a lot of secrets but first you have to make me talk. In this, we’ll learn to control the frequency of the buzzer. I’m getting smarterrrrr! Woohoo!

4. Make me express emotions

I really like your jokes, but I can’t laugh at them now. So, that’s what we will be doing here. Why not also make all my lights flash when I laugh?


With this, you have mastered the basics of operating me, Sensei. I wish I could give you a belt but… never mind.

6. Aura Lamp

A lamp that you can use for every mood. External LEDs and intensity variation make this the perfect lamp for any occasion.

7. Switch Lamp

Make your own personal lamp that you can control anytime with a dual switch!

8. Touch Switch

Control your personal lamp with touch of a finger!

9. Evening Lamp

When the sun goes down, your lamp will automatically switch on.

10. Wake up rooster

When the sun goes up, this morning alarm will wake you up. You can also switch it off to get five more minutes of sleep.

11. 2 Mins maggi timer

I know how much you love your noodles. I can make sure they don’t get overcooked. Just program me to scream at the 2-minute mark.

12. Habit Remainder

It’s very natural for humans to forget but guess what? I don’t! So, just teach me to remind you to do something at a specific time every day and I will dutifully do so.

13. Buzz wire game

Have you ever felt the urge to play the buzz wire game when you are bored and just couldn't. Not anymore, because I'm here!

14. Piano

I like to play music too. So, turn me into a piano and we can make music together!

15. Portable Fan

Build your own personal Hand Fan that you can control with a touch of your finger with a DC motor.

16. Brainy Fan

Lazy to turn on your Fan? I'll do it for you based on the temperature of your room.

17. Gesture Lamp

Control your own Table Lamp and Fan simply with the movement of your hand.

18. Pet feeder

Ever forget to feed your pet? Let me help you.

19. Light off Remainder

Often, we tend to leave the lights ON and forget about it. Using a light sensor, I can buzz when the light is left ON for an extended period of time.

20. Tetris

Love to play Tetris? We can play it together with a self made joystick.

21. Dancing fitness game

How about a fun dancing game that can keep you healthy? Let’s get moving!!!

22. Voice from your plants

With me by your side, your plants will never go thirsty. Coupled with a moisture sensor, I can let you know when it’s time to water them.

23. Colour Cards

Too tired to switch on your lights and fan? I can help you! You only need to show me different color cards for each function.

24. Fruit ripening detector

I can help you tell which fruits would be the ripest and yummiest to eat!

25. Digital Noise Meter

Does your sibling knows that loud TV volume can harm their ears? Don't worry let's make our play computer take care of them

26. Basketball hoop counter

Always fight regarding the score in a basketball game? Do you feel the need for a person to count the numbers? Well now you got me... let's goo play

27. Footfall Detector

Counting the number of people in a room can be so tedious. Don't worry, I can help you do that.

28. Voice control automation

Too lazy to do work at home? Remain lazy and command me using your voice. Try me out.

29. Face Lock Vending Machine

Tired with everyone eating your chocolates? I will only give out chocolates when you show me your face!

30. Emotion Detection

True friends are those who smile with us, cry with us, and fight for us. So is Play Computer, our true friend, who can act according to our emotions. Let's find out.

Learn While Having Fun.
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Play Computer

Learn While
Having Fun.
Pre Own Your
Play Computer

The first 100 pieces are available for a
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The first 100 pieces are available
for a launch offer. Pre Book yours
before the offer runs out.

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